Lala & Bea Design your own PJs

There is ALWAYS time for a little designing…..

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My posts may be a little limited at present due to crazy busy summer holidays, BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t find the time for some colouring…..well actually designing.

Lala & Bea sent me THE most amazing gift this summer – some beautiful organic cotton pyjamas – completely blank – nothing on them – just some fab fluorecent pens allllll ready for me to go crazy and design my own pjs. Amazing hey.
Now I can’t say I’m the BEST drawer (I am only 4) but it was so much fun. Mummy was itching to take charge so they looked perfectly cool with precise designs but this time I had to give her the ‘BACK OFF’ face – this was my time to shine, all mine.

Lala & Bea take so much care and pride in their collection which also includes a skincare range – their products are made for children but designed for parents….. I couldn’t think of a more suitable combination myself, PLUS with a recent Junior Design Award under their belts the only way is up for this on trend brand.
All you mini fashionistas will have oodles of fun designing your own pjs and all you parents will have just as much fun drooling over Lala & Beas full collection.

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I am definitely going to be adding to my pyjama design hehe….

Get my ‘Design Your Own PJ’ set c/o Lala & Bea HERESee the full collection from Lala & Bea HERE


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