Disneyland Paris

Magical moments that last a life time.

Disneyland 3

Stepping away from my usual fashion led posts and bringing you some personal moments.
Over the next couple of weeks it’s pure holiday season for us, things will be a little quieter on here BUT I will be sharing some family moments with you all as well as how I style myself abroad.

Kicking off with our first stop to Euro Disney. This was my first time in this magical world and it didn’t disappoint. I didn’t know what to do or where to look first. It brings happiness to all – everyone feels their inner child and you can’t get enough.
Whether it’s watching the parade – having a boat trip through Small World – meeting the characters or having lunch with the princesses (my fave of course) It’s the most magical experience with memories to treasure forever.

I have shared a few snaps of my little break – those of you that have already been can share my glee those that might go in the future can share my excitement.

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