Christmas 2015

What a wonderful, magical Christmas it has been.

Christmas 2015 6

There are times in this life you just have to sit back and take it all in, and this Christmas was definitely one of them. You have probably noticed I have been quiet on twitter, my Instagram was deserted and Facebook also took a back seat – there is only one reason for this, FAMILY. It was time to put everything aside for a couple of days and concentrate on what’s really important in this world.
Waking up on Christmas morning, all of us soooooo excited and  to see all the amazing presents Santa had left for me and my big bro was just MAGICAL – there are no words to describe this feeling, it could have been the smallest most trivial present I was opening but every one just felt special, it’s sharing those moments and memories that can be treasured forever and can never be taken away by anyone that make you realise what life is all about.

After breakfast when you think your day can’t get any better, the family start to arrive, close family, the only people you want to be with on days like Christmas. Laughter, jokes, love, fun, happiness fill the air – you breathe in a sense of fulfillment.
We actually went out for Christmas dinner this year for the first time EVER, but it was amazing. No one got bogged down with the cooking, the timings of a million veg being ready at the same time, serving, cleaning up, it was perfect. We ate stunning food, the family drank lots of wine (apple juice for me 😉 ) we smiled, we reminisced, we were thankful to be there altogether and to all be healthy.
For the final part of our day, it was all back to mine for more festive fun and the obligatory BOARD GAMES – I went off at this point to play with all my amazing new toys while the family found their competitive streaks and battled it out to the end.

I very rarely share family pics on my blog, as you all know this is a Kids Fashion & Style focused blog, BUT I thought you might like to see a little snippet from my Christmas Day – nothing preempted or planned – just a family full of LOVE, and lets face it all the money and presents in the world can not buy you LOVE.

Christmas 15 post

I’d like to take this chance to wish you all a very Happy New Year, I will be back in January – business as usual, with some more amazing posts on Fashion & Style for us Kiddies.
Sssssshhhhhh – you might also be seeing some very exciting new things from Little Miss Me next year too, EXCITING.
Love to you all and thank you for all your support in 2015.

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