Starting School

It was back to school for many – it was the START of school for me…..


Sooooooo this really happened – I STARTED school eeeeekkkkkk. I walked through those daunting doors for the first time to start a new chapter in my life and reach one big, massive milestone.

This is one of the main reasons my blog has been so quiet over the summer and the start of this month. I needed to take some time out from photos and all this writing 😉 to just have FUN – to enjoy my last full days with friends and family before this huge transition.


Soooooo, I’m still going to be posting but you might not always see me. With my super busy days I haven’t always got time to take constant photos, BUT the exciting news is I’m going to be featuring a lot more posts on everything to do with us kiddies……fashion – lifestyle – parties it’s going to be so much fun. It’s double bubble – me and everything that goes hand in hand with life as a kid….eeeeekkkkkkk



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