Welcome to Little Miss Alba!

"My name is Stacey, as well as being the Editor and overall person in charge of Little Miss Alba, I also get to call this cool little chick my daughter, my BFF, my PIC."

Ever since this little lady could crawl - shoes and bags would be her first port of call, when she could walk, the wardrobe was raided on an hourly basis…Fashion is in her blood!!! She's a determined, head strong little girl that knows exactly what she wants.

"I write this blog through Alba's eyes... and believe me those
big, wide, sparkly eyes tell a million stories."

Inbetweeen sharing all our Fashion Loves with you all - Alba has a very busy little social life with Ballet Classes and days out with friends, can't be bad hey? We started this blog to share our love for Kids Fashion and document all of Alba's beautiful clothes and outfits. Seeing people enjoy what we post is a dream come true

"I hope one day I will hand this blog over to Alba herself, where she will be able to continue sharing her love for Fashion & all things Gorgeous with the WORLD xxx"