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Grey Days x

This is one of favourite little outfit combos I’ve pictured. We are at the imbetween stage of seasons at the minute, but I quite like this – it means I can start to layer my outfits a little and gradually move in to some of my autumn clothes exciiiiiiiting. I’m starting pre school nursery next […]

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Katie @mummydaddyme - Absolutely gorgeous! I love grey and must admit I am looking forward to winter. What do you do with her old clothes? You should sell them on instagram, I would buy loads for LL! ;) x

littlemissalba - Mwah – thanks Katie. It’s such a perfect Winter colour and goes with everything. I have just opened an ebay page that has no clothes on it YET – but they are coming haha x Ax

Golden Heart x

Today I am a true Princess – well I couldn’t be anything less whilst showing off this stunning two piece from the new Stella McCartney A/W 2014 kids range. It’s one of this seasons most whimsical trends, the heart print – how perfect for ‘MOI’ hehe. All the childrenswear designers are awash with the loveable […]

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London Scout - I can’t! This is too cute!

mirari - what a lucky girl, dressed in stella mccarthney!!!

Seychellesmama - Aww that’s just super gorgeous!! That little headband is seriously too cute as well! Xx

littlemissalba - Thank you so much. I hope you are having fab hols – when do you head back? xxx Ax

littlemissalba - So so lucky Mirari, amazing to be sent such beautiful clothes to wear xxx Ax

littlemissalba - Hehe glad you like it. Big loves to you and London x Ax

Ting - She’s so adorable! x

littlemissalba - Thank you so much, that’s really kind Ax

All the B’s x

It’s Ironic that two of my favourite brands begin with ‘B’- it’s even more ironic that they have just released their Autumn/Winter collections and they are ‘BOTH BANGING’ – see I told you it was all the B’s today.The new season is coming thick and fast now, pretty good job really as I have been […]

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Hanging Out x

I’ve just been hanging out this week, taking it easy and loving life. There are weeks when we don’t have any plans – we have no commitments, we can just do what we want when we want, I LOVE it. We went on a little shopping trip at the weekend – I’ve been looking for […]

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London Scout - We have the same exact shorts. You have great taste Alba;)

Alison Jeanine - So darling! Especially loving the headband — where can I get myself one of those? ;) Xo, Alison


mirari - i think you’ve a beautiful girly little face, no need to wear a band ;) but well, there are always “strange people” around us, we had the same ‘problem’ with wen in the past… xx

littlemissalba - Hehe – Mummy says exactly the same, always wants what I wear. Glad you like my little outfit xx Ax

littlemissalba - Aw – you are so kind Mirari. I can’t wait till I have hair like Wendie, her hair is gorgeous x Ax

littlemissalba - ;-) two little fashion peas in a pod London. Rocking x Ax

Emma Lander - wow what a little cutie. And so fashionable. Lovely :) #BinkyLinky

lorna mai - You look fantastic today. Your polka dot shirt is bang on trend and I just love your leather shorts – not seen those for children before. My favourite part of your outfit are your little booties and of course your trademark hairband. People often think my friend’s daughters are boys even when they wear pink! Don’t understand it, you always look very feminine to me! #binkylinky

Heledd - You have such a lovely blog, I love it!

Cute outfit, I love the shorts and pink shirt combo. I have two little ladies who’d love to ‘hang out’ with you!

Heledd x

Hayley Larue - Soooo stinkin adorable. I can’t even handle it!! <3

- MeYouAndHayleyLarue.com

Ickle Pickle - Hello! Oooooh another baby blogger! Lovely to meet you, You are very stylish. I love days hanging out and chillin with mummy too x #binkylinky

littlemissalba - Hey – thanks for reading! Yes you are right, nothing like just hanging out and spending time with the fam – it’s the best xxx Ax

littlemissalba - Hehe thank you – hope you like having a look at my mini fashion – we love looking at your style x Ax

littlemissalba - Aw, thank you so much and thanks for reading. Your little ladies are super cute – it would be awesome to hang out with them x Ax

littlemissalba - Thank Lorna Mai – love getting your fashion focused replies. Hehe, the hair will be thick and long one day so this hopefully won’t be a problem x Ax

littlemissalba - Thank you Emma, and thanks for reading xxx Ax

In the Pink x

It’s not often you see me sporting real pretty dresses, but this one is extra special as my daddy brought it back for me all the way from America. He has been away quite a lot lately with his work and we have missed him crazy amounts, but he’s home now and we are back […]

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Katie @mummydaddyme - Wow Daddy did a good job bringing this back- it’s gorgeous! I love the pink and the boots are just fab. I am on the lookout for some nice ones for Mads and LL for Winter. x

mirari - you look really pretty in pink!!! and that’s a plus if it comes from a dad’s gift :)

Vikki Holness - You look absolutely adorable in this dress Alba, daddy’s choice was perfect for you! xxx

littlemissalba - I think Daddy loves shopping just as much as me and Mummy hehe. So many gorge winter boots around, I’m sure you will be spoilt for choice for the girls xxx Ax

littlemissalba - Thank you Mirari – I’m growing quite fond of pink, and yes it’s extra special because daddy got it for me xxx Ax

littlemissalba - Aw thank you Vikki – he did a good job, he loves shopping on the quiet hehe Ax

jemima jane - this is SUCh a sweet little dress, and those socks are to die for! love love love this look for a little bubba. very cute :) x

littlemissalba - Aw, thank you so much – really glad you like my look MWAH x Ax