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Purrrrrrfect x

It’s no lie that when you are OBSESSED with fashion you are always on the look out for new things, new brands, something different. Don’t get me wrong, I love the high street, I wear a lot of it but its great to add those unique little finds to your outfit, something that’s not seen […]

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Seychellesmama - This is super cute!!! Love it! Hope you’re doing good lovely xx

Caroline Bosmans AW14/15

I LOVE you Caroline Bosmans. I know that might sound a bit much, but when I came across Caroline Bosmans brand a while back on Instagram I immediately fell in love with it and have since followed her cool and creative kidswear avidly. It’s so edgy and different – you will definitely be seeing me […]

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mirari - too many good designers in belgium ;)

littlemissalba - Hehe this is so true Mirari xAx

Little Bunny x

You will probably be able to tell from my recent posts that I am obsessed with the summer and everything that goes with it (especially the fashion). I like to call it FREE fashion because it’s all so light and airy and easy for us littles to wear, not to mention comfy. For todays Outfit […]

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Catriona Stephen - I love your dress :) really suits you! The colours are just perfect for this lovely weather we’ve been having!
I need to get buying more summer clothes xx

mirari - that first photo’s probably my favourite photo of you, alba, you’re so beautiful!

littlemissalba - Aw thank you Mirari – the light for these pics was great, really picked out the colours too x Ax

littlemissalba - I don’t wear dresses very often but I do love them. Glad you like it, the little bunnies are so cute Ax

Emily - So adorable! I can see you on the catwalks when you’re older x

Seychellesmama - I can tell that you LOVE this dress you look ridiculously cute in these pics!!!!!

Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) - You are growing up to be a very very pretty girl! Nice dress. Saw you #IG post today and you are wearing skinny jeans. Thats lovely too! #binkylinky

Summer so far……

Take a minute, and breathe……I don’t know about any of you but when the gorgeous weather kicks in our lives become super busy, even more busy and hectic than usual. There is always so much going on – picnics, BBQ’s, days at the beach, late nights, dining out al fresco the list goes on. I’m […]

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mirari - summer goes fast!!! but the most important is to take adavantage of it, and picnics and bbqs and so are a great idea! xx

littlemissalba - You are so right Mirari – we have to make sure we make the most out of it and do as many lovely things outside as we can. Hope you are Wendie are good x Ax

Catriona Stephen - Sounds like you are having a lovely summer :) and looking lovely whilst having fun xxx

littlemissalba - It’s been great – Osian looks like he is enjoying too. Ax

Summer Florals x

The summer holidays are in full swing and there are some cool vibes floating around. Everyone seems to be on a high at this time of year – no kids at school, late breakfasts, dinner in the garden, day trips, reduced traffic on the roads – everyone seems to float a lot more, rather than […]

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Seychellesmama - “My hair strands” haha this made me laugh….your hair is adorable!!!!
Love the little jacket and the dress is super cute too. Love that you teamed it with some high top converse….super cool!!

Hope you guys are good!! Arthur sends hugs xxx

littlemissalba - Aw why thank you – it would be nice if it was longer though so I could wear loads of pretty styles. We keep converse in business I think haha – does Arthur have any? We’ve had some lovely weather here – really hope it stays like this for when you come over.
Big Hugs back to you all that might take a while to reach you due to the distance haha x Ax